Im back!

Im back!! Okay technically I was back last weekend. School has started so its busy busy busy.

India was awesome, by the way. I loved it. Probably one of the best trips Ive ever been on. But thats another post for another day. Ill do a proper one with pictures (hopefully soon!)

Okay just here to announce that Im still alive and kicking. Watch this space!!



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Dad brought me out today to get winter stuff in preparation for the trip. Spent a lot of unnecessary money in my opinion. And I still need to get trekking boots!

“Why didnt you go to cambodia instead? ”

Hhahah oh dad. I feel sorry for his wallet..

Some of the post trip R&R has been finalized and one itinerary involves trekking in snow for 6 days! Basically we’ll be pitching tents along the way. I really seriously hope I survive this. My exercise regimen failed (okay it never really started) and I really dont want to be lagging behind the group. Or sprain an ankle. Or fall off the 1000 ft cliff.


We’d be heading to Kolkata after and theres some talk of indian clubbing (hahaha!), shopping, sight seeing and water rafting! I really want to water raft but considering how it’d be winter Id probably freeze my ass off.

But yeah, Im pretty stoked 😀

Its 15 days left to the trip, which also means my exams start in a week.


Speaking of exams, I really hate having to ask people for help with my studies. Firstly you’d end up feeling damn stupid because your friends judge you on your lack of intelligence and secondly, you’d feel like you owe it to your friends. And i really dont like that..especially in SMU where people calculate your every move.  I wish I could hire a tutor for all my subjects but I cant (have tried googling). Gah i wish i were smarter. Or less lazy rather.


Wont be blogging from here on till I complete this hurdle. Good luck to friends and more luck to me! Can one wish himself??


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Lessons from Disney

No wonder us girls and boys grow up to be superficial materialistic animals. Blame it on Walt Disney. Can you blame us for wanting to marry guys that are tall rich and handsome? I cannot name any of these characters except Aladdin and Beast which I just learnt isnt his name. Why arent there any Disney fairytales involving an ugly damsel with a heart of gold??

Okay lah maybe no one would want to watch that.

Swan Princess is one of my favourite fairytale cartoons but I always get annoyed when I see how the Price falls head over heels in love with Odette only after she blossoms into a beauty. What up with that??

But owell I still like me some Disney. Can you name the Princes?


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Love this song!!! La Roux rocks.

On a side note, are all articulate men gay??? I think so. Or at least the majority of them are.  Helped my aunt at this overnight event the other day.


It was an English literature symposium of some sort organized by NLB.

Eccentricity was the norm, no lie.  The guys who attended the event were so..different. There are 2 kinds of queers,  me thinks. The first kind is in your face gay, you know one when you see one. The stereotypes basically.  Then there’s the other kind: eloquent and articulate. They have this unexplainable energy that seem to draw people in and yet able to remain detached at the same time. Well that night was a whole lot of odd. I left at 5am and shared a ride with a professional Tarot card reader who gave me lesson about mystic beings, entities and different dimensions.

I wanted him to give me a prophecy on my SMU GPA.

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Hhahah took me a while to get this but so cute!!!


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Clair De Lune

I think I wasnt clear enough. The picture below is supposed to portray me being horrified. I dont get Eliza sometimes.  HOW IS THAT HAPPY???

Haha well anyway, I shall try to stop complaining so much. Ive been told I whine too much. 😦

Caught 500 days of summer few days back with Usher and E and the movie was soo great. Love the actors, love the filmography, love love love the soundtrack. Its been on my youtube playlist for a couple days now. I had a girl crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever since 10 Things. One of my favourite chick flicks.. amongst Clueless, Shes All That, Ever After etc.

Did a quick goodle search and look what I found!


Ive been staring at my Marketing essay for the whole day. We have to do a critique on the marketing strategy of a company so I chose Nintendo DS series.

..which isnt the best choice because time spent ogling> time spent doing essay.
;( Did you know you can access Facebook with that thing???

I really can’t wait for this term to be over. Not that I have much to look forward to. I just want to get my horrible mods done and over with.

On a random note, I think Clair De Lune is possibly one of the greatest romantic classical pieces ever. Trying to master it now! (though pending fail cause I usually almost never get pass the first 2 pages and end up making the rest up)

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Me. At my grades.

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